Unique and fun novelty gifts!

Jesus Ashtray


Holy Smoke! Just say no to cigarettes with this 3.5" x 3.5" glass ashtray that says "Jesus Hates It When You Smoke." Felt bottom to protect table surface. Comes with the warning "Use of this product may be hazardous to your health and/or eternal soul".

Jesus Shaves Mug


This Jesus Shaves Mug shaves the savior! Say goodbye to Jesus' long locks and hello to his clean-shaven look with this "magical" Jesus Mug! Ever wonder what Jesus looked like without his beard? Simply pour in a hot beverage and watch Jesus change from his signature beard to a more modern style! Makes a fun conversation piece for any kitchen or desk.

Pasta Boobs


Get a little risqué for your next dinner & cook with this naughty gourmet pasta! A delicious idea for parties or potlucks, the box comes with a recipe for “Pert Pasta Boobs Tossed w/ Creamy Herb Sauce.” Who could resist? Durum wheat. 8.8 oz

Pasta Penises


Perfect for bachelorette parties or just for every-day use, this fun & raunchy pasta is made with the finest durum wheat and tastes oh so yummy. Box comes with a recipe for “Big Balls, with Steamy Sauce and Penis Pasta,” so get cooking! 8.8 oz

Penis Candies


These funny little weenie candies are perfect for bachelorette parties or as a gag gift.

Penis Gummies


Penis Gummies! Each box has 5.3oz of jelly in two fruity flavors. Chew, suck and bite to your hearts content. Perfect for Bachlorette Parties!!