Fun books that everyone loves from titles that get you giggling for kids to Americana satire, to inspirational gift books and just plain good reads!

Outwitting Squirrels


by Bill Adler Jr. This book illustrates and explains a series of strategems to keep squirrels from eating and ruining yards and gardens when more traditional tactics fail. A healthy dose of humor is thrown in for those who just have had enough.

Penis Pokey


The Book Where You’re the Star!

Every scene in Penis Pokey has one thing missing—and you have to complete the picture. Are you up to the challenge?

Penis Pokey Activity Book


Play with yourself—again and again!

Every scene in Penis Pokey has one thing missing—and you have to complete the picture! This all-new edition features puzzles, connect-the-dots pictures, a maze, and a dry-erase marker for drawing your own creations.

Poo Log


by Josh Richman, Anish Sheth, Peter Arkle (Illustrator). Finally, what every bathroom has been waiting fo rthe Poo Log, a journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement. With an extensive glossary, handy reference checklists, interesting nuggets throughout, this journal makes every trip to the can an e-loo-cidating experience. Who knew one could learn so much from poo?

Pop Up Alice in Wonderland


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is Robert Sabuda's most amazing creation ever, featuring stunning pop-ups illustrated in John Tenniel's classic style. The text is faithful to Lewis Carroll's original story, and special effects like a Victorian peep show, multifaceted foil, and tactile elements make this a pop-up to read and admire again and again.

10.5 x 8.5 x 2.25 in.

Pop Up Beauty & the Beast


True love blooms in this three-dimensional adaptation of a beloved fairy tale. Amazing paper structures and classically styled artwork lead readers through a magical tale. Magnificent pop-ups of a life-like Beast, a mysterious castle and a spectacular rose garden make this all-new pop-up masterpiece a must-have for your family's library.

10.75 x 8.5 x 2.75 in.