Cool toys for cool kids! 'Nuff said! Whoopee cushions, old fashioned toys and games that grandma will understand and can even play with the kids! Wooden swords made by a local kid (yeah that's right!) funky and humorous action figures, crazy straws, crafts for kids, oh me oh my!

Loop De Doo


Design your own friendship bracelets then make them in minutes with the new Loopdedoo spinning tool. It's fast, easy and fun. Just wrap your threads around the Loopdedoo device, turn the knob, guide the thread and minutes later you're done! You can even make necklaces, anklets, belts and more. There's no pattern to follow so each accessory is completely different and unique, just like you and your friends. You can use as many threads and color combinations as you like and you can make them thick, thin or anywhere in between.

Magic Trick of the Day


Magic trick set includes seven different magic tricks for kids and adults alike! Tons of fun for all!