Poo Log


by Josh Richman, Anish Sheth, Peter Arkle (Illustrator). Finally, what every bathroom has been waiting fo rthe Poo Log, a journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement. With an extensive glossary, handy reference checklists, interesting nuggets throughout, this journal makes every trip to the can an e-loo-cidating experience. Who knew one could learn so much from poo?

What's Your Poo Telling You


by Josh Richman, Anish Sheth, Peter Arkle (Illustrator). With universal appeal (everyone poops, after all), this witty, illustrated description of over two dozen dookies (each with a medical explanation written by a doctor) details what one can learn about health and well-being by studying what's in the bowl. Now think back on last night's dinner, a burrito perhaps? . . . All the greatest hits are here: The Log Jam, The Hanging Chad . . . the list goes on. Who knew you could learn so much from your poo?