You had an idea you needed these! From "Fuck You" mints to unicorn bandages . . you definitely can't resist.

Fuck You Mint


An insult with something sweet inside is like yin and yang, you can't lose. Cute little packet with the 'finger' and 'Fuck You You Fuckin' Fuck!' written in it. White peppermint inside. 3.1 grams ea.

Penis Candies


These funny little weenie candies are perfect for bachelorette parties or as a gag gift.

Thumb Monster


These funny thumb monsters are sure to liven up your next party or event! Let the kids put on a show with their fingers! Great for school activities or birthdays! Tuck them into school lunches! Made of soft plastic. Figures fit easily on most fingers. Size 2 inches Assorted colors.

Unicorn Snot


Everyone knows unicorn snot is sparkly and beautiful, so it makes a perfect glitter gel for the face and body. Translucent in color once applied. 1.7 oz. Available in silver, yellow, and pink.